Your webplatform specialized in self wealth planning training.

About us

We are an ed-tech startup that aims to improve financial awareness among those who need it the most in the Ticino region, and all territories and populations generally excluded from good personal finance learning. 

Choosing to want to be part of the solution we thought about something we hold dear “learning process” which has so many nuances and has been put to the test for students, teachers, workers, and training in these hard times we are living.

We intend to promote financial education wherever it is needed as it is a key part of our life. Be a guide to create better habits of money management to improve well-being, while building a double track of income, therefore both personal and for the society in which we live, and consequently on our planet boozing sustainable objectives.

Who we are

Luz D. Mariano Montero

Founder, Managing Director

Giulia Speri

Social Media Management

William Warley

Cloud Architect

Roberto N. Ponticiello