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Freequently Asked Questions

What kind of licensing do you offer?

We have no plans to release licenses at the moment. We are working on rewards that will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the credits obtained with your progress in real life, and many more.

Can I collaborate with you remotely? Do you have a plan for this?

Yes, you can! Our collaborators are located on 4 different continents. We love sharing in person but this is not a fundamental requirement to work with us. Rather we aim for results work and good self-time management for which you will have our full support.

Are you working for a financial institution?

We are an independent organization created by those you find under “who we are” looking to improve our today.

Will I be able to make real investments via unlockedu platform?

Today we want to help you create awareness of the great possibilities that are waiting for you by knowing better the tools and instruments already available on the market. Test the functioning of different fintech tools and learn more about the ones that best meet your needs, without having to run into bad situations or loss of money first.


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