Knowing how a digital wallet works while bulding your own

one-stop-source educational platform to understand financial struments like never before

Obtaining the benefits of wealth planning while having fun


Wealth planning upskilling

unlockedu is a one-stop-source educational platform that helps you to  improve your financial skills. Understanding in a disruptive way your risk profile. Build your self-financial plan. Follow your own path to discover how to use the financial tools trough an innovative learning models and gaming, in a risk-free environment.

How it works

Risk profile

Find out what is the most suitable investing style for you capacity income and objective

Financial instruments

Discovering financial instruments and how to use fintech tools in a risk free enviroment

Personal objectives

Follow your personalized path through targeted economic management support

Technology enablers

Gaming Experiences

Serious play and gamification. Set your best profile, your most ambitious goal, and go for it.


Immersive Experiences

Extended Reality. Closer to your real life. Replicate an achievable objective during your financial planning.

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tutors and AI. We are focused on creating advanced e-learning paths to improve your virtual distance training.


I found this program brilliant. There is a lot to share and discover throught infotainment, and tecnology for improve awarness on finance education and planning. I can’t wait to try your solution!

Founder of Sustainable computers, at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park (UNIP)

We often find it difficult to try out certain instruments with my students during class. This solution would help us a lot.

Academy researcher professor on the observatory for blockchain technology and distributed ledger at Polimi.